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Data Scientist? It’s a mindset, not a name

Good day to you Tabaholics, There I was the other day, merrily minding my own business playing with Tableau maps when I happened to read this tweet by @KirkDBorne. Did a bit of googling and came across this link regarding … Continue reading

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Tableau as an IT service – Part 2 – Infrastructure Design and Configuration

Hi fellow Tableau worshippers! Hope you’re all rocking the 8.1 action. Bummer that the free Starbucks thing was only applicable in the USA. Booo. Here at VizNinja we love a free coffee. We take it black, obviously. Well I didn’t … Continue reading

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Social Data Day @ Google

Hello Tablegions, I’ve just spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the shiny and brightly coloured offices of Google in the City of London. The event was part of Social Data Week (#sdday) and was billed as a discussion about social … Continue reading

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Hi Tablites and welcome to what we at VizNinja like to call The Tableaudown. Geddit? Like the lowdown. Only with Tab at the start….. Ok be like that, I thought it was good and I’m in charge here so it’s staying. … Continue reading

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Tableau as an IT service – Part 1- Project Initiation

Alright Tablites? Welcome to the first in a series of posts that detail how I recently brought Tableau Server into my organisation as an IT Service. This is part 1 – Initiating your Tableau Server project It was about 18 … Continue reading

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Kicking Off

OK it’s time to kick this thing off. I paid a visit to the Book Depository yesterday, no not that one overlooking Dealey Plaza, this one – I grabbed a copy of the latest edition of Stephen Few’s “Information Dashboard … Continue reading

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