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It’s time for this month’s Tableaudown! A casual reflection on some of the items that caught our eye over the last month. Hope you find them useful.

Thanks for all the support this blog has had. Shows what a fine community we have in this field.


  • @Matt_Francis – Top talk at the 8.1 roadshow
  • @Ajenstat – Thanks for your interest and comments on my blog post Tableau as an IT Service
  • @HlthAnalysis – Can see why you’re a Zen Master Sir
  • @timbarker – Great talk on the DataSift application at Social Data Day
  • @visualisingdata – Hope you got your IT issues sorted Andy!
  • @pgilks & @biff_bruise – Stay tuned for your moments of fame guys…
  • @_tombrown_ – Looking forward to some Alteryx training in Jan. Cheers.


tableau_8_guide (1)Tableau 8 – Official Guide – George Peck

Looks interesting this one. I’ve only skimmed it as I’m still enjoying Information Dashboard Design and Tableau Your Data (see last month’s Tableaudown).

Will report back when I’ve had a change to take a proper look at this.

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