Building a Tableau Centre of Excellence – Additional Resources


If you’re reading this then the chances are you attended my talk at Tableau Conference 2014. I hope you enjoyed what I had to say. I certainly enjoyed delivering it. As mentioned in the presentation, this blog post lists all the resources referred to in the talk.

Link to Presentation – on Prezi

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 01.08.07


In order of reference

Grab me anytime @paulbanoub if you’d like a chat about anything.

Cheers, Paul

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8 Responses to Building a Tableau Centre of Excellence – Additional Resources

  1. I didn’t expect to see some of the discussion threads on there, I was highly amused when I did see them though. 🙂

    Great deck, although I didn’t hear your spiel I’m sure it went down well!

    Great job sir!

  2. Tim Swinburne says:

    Hi Paul, great presentation! I was lucky enough to sit in on it. One piece I took away was how you encourage the people from your team to join Twitter and follow Tableau experts. Is there a list of people you would recommend one to follow?

    • paulbanoub says:

      Hi Tim – glad you enjoyed it!

      I see twitter as critical. Follow these folks for starters –
      @paulbanoub (!)

      Give it a bit of time and you’ll soon work out the others of interest. Enjoy.

  3. 3danim8 says:


    Very nice Prezi usage. Great content. I was the group leader in the Jacobs Engineering Environmental Modeling Center of Excellence in the early 2000’s. It was a blast to be a part of that but we didn’t have these types of social media tools or capabilities of sharing our knowledge in the way you did here. So thanks for sharing these insights and doing such a great job presenting the whole picture of what you do. Very insightful.


    • paulbanoub says:

      Thanks. I’m not 100% sold on Prezi – I had a tech issue with it in one of my data14 talks and that has angered me somewhat. So I may switch to Keynote.

      • 3danim8 says:

        I never even knew about Prezi until a couple of weeks ago when a co-worker told me about it. I had never seen it in action until looking at your blog. When you see it like that for the first time, it looks really cool, especially since your content was so alive. My friend said it took him a long time to accomplish what he wanted to do but that it worked out OK for him. He said the learning curve was steep.

      • paulbanoub says:

        It’s a mixed bag. A bad prezi can be worse than the worst ever powerpoint. Best to keep all the zooming etc to a minimum. Has potential though but lacks key features like presenter notes.

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